Warm Up with These Carhartt Winter Essentials!

Warm Up with These Carhartt Winter Essentials!

With winter coming, it is crucial to plan for the season ahead. This process includes checking that you have warm clothing – including jackets, long pants, gloves, and boots – that are suitable for all conditions including snow and rain. Fortunately, one of the best places to shop for all-things winter is Carhartt! 

Planning for the winter just got even easier with all the winter clothing and accessories needed in one place. Whether you are looking for durable, yet stylish, gear or looking to give a great gift this holiday season, read below to discover great and affordable winter options!

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Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Haul

The holiday season is almost here! It can be a challenge trying to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life – especially when it comes to practical ones. Rather than finding a trendy or tangible present, pick out something that can be used for everyday life – whether for work, school, or just simply looking fashionable on-the-go. 

Perfect examples include beanies to help stay warm for colder climates and multi-purpose backpacks to help cater to carrying important materials and food for the workday.

Start your gift checklist off with these top picks:

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Your Cold Weather Must-Haves

 To properly protect yourself from the elements and keep you feeling cozy and comfortable all winter long, don’t stop at the jacket. Do not forget to check on your winter gloves, shoes, and other outerwear to properly prepare for the season ahead.

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Plus, getting extra hand warmers and tool kits in your car do not hurt for extra preparedness for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Warm up with these must-have winter necessities:

Style for Any Weather

Planning out the perfect outfit for winter can come in many different forms. While some areas may be cooling off and preparing for snowy days, other parts are still warm. Rather than purchasing bulkier sweats, trade them for “midweight” or lighter hoodies to bring a lighter, chic layer this winter. 

With the increasing rise in the “tote” trend, pick up a universally accessible twist that works as both a tote bag and a backpack. Although it can be a challenge to perfectly cover how to fully capture “winter” for everyone, there are universal fashion pieces and accessories to wear throughout the season.

Layer down or accessorize with these trendy pieces:

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