Three Effective Tips to Go Green in Your Office

Three Effective Tips to Go Green in Your Office

Did you know you could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.45 million metric tons if you moved physical documents to digital platforms by 10 percent?

With paper contributing to around 90 percent of office waste, it is crucial to implement eco-friendly strategies for a global impact. Although Earth Day is around the corner, it is imperative to be resourceful throughout the year.

While you wait for your items to arrive, there are plenty of ways to help leave a green footprint in the way you work. After all, making an impact in your community starts with how you shop. There are plenty of ways to shop for more eco-friendly products at ODP Business Solutions – from rechargeable batteries to storage containers.

Eco-Friendly Office Appliances

Looking for new and eco-friendly accessories to spruce up your office? With our ODP Business Solutions partnership, there are plenty of ways to save and shop with an eco-friendly plan in mind.

Small changes in purchasing decisions can make an impact on both the environment and your conscience. 

Fortunately, ODP Business Solutions has a variety of options for the items you need most:

Going Green for Home Items

Having a flexible work schedule can make it more tempting to purchase new home décor to spruce up your rooms. It is helpful to find more ethically sourced products to make a better impact on the environment and to look stylish in your space. From bookshelves to storage containers, there are plenty of ways to help organize your house and benefit the environment.

Here are some eco-conscious accessories to decorate your home:

The Best in Eco-Conscious Office Supplies

When it comes to your average office supplies, a lot of waste tends to follow. It can be easy to find items that need to be replaced or recycled consistently throughout your workspace.

Although it can be challenging to remove everything at once, there are plenty of office supply options made from recycled materials to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are just some of the essential, greener alternatives you need for your desk:

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