The Essentials You Need for Your First Solo Space

The Essentials You Need for Your First Solo Space

Living on your own for the first time can be a major – and nerve-wracking – step into adulthood. Before the big move, it is imperative to plan and list out the items you will need right away. Saving on the top essentials you need for your new living spaces and storage can help make your move-in date a breeze!

Livening Up the Living Room

Oftentimes, the living room can be seen as the primary gathering space for friends and family to hang out for game nights, socialize, and relax while watching the latest in movies and television.

To help make this area stand out, find the perfect touches of home décor for your room through our Michaels offer with Abenity. Plus, finding accent pieces like a spacious coffee table and floor lamp can make your living room more accessible and excellent places for storage.

Make your living room pop with these excellent pieces:

Organizing Your Excess Clutter

Outside of coming up with a design plan for your new abode, the extra challenge of storage comes into play. Whether you are trying to find ways to store excess items in your bathroom or putting extra clothing or seasonal items away in your basement, making space for storage is essential to reduce excess clutter.

Fortunately, we have savings on different storage containers tailored to your organizational needs – from storage boxes for clothing and miscellaneous home items to organizers for your work desk.

Get your organization station started today with these top picks:

Personalizing Your Bedroom

It can be intimidating to create a fresh start with the most personal room in the house – your new bedroom! Curating your room to be centered around your aesthetic can be a challenging and expensive task. Eliminate the risk of out-of-stock essentials and find the sheets and décor you need through our Abenity Bed, Bath & Beyond offer.

In addition, it is crucial to make sure this space is designed to your taste and has everything to make you feel the most relaxed. After all, it is one of the primary spaces you will be utilizing the most for rest. Finding different organizational tools to store and tidy up your room are helpful first steps to get your new place on the right track.

Find the best for your bedroom here:

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