Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

This holiday season, there is a shift in how traditional workplaces are doing business. With an increasing number of employees working from home, office holiday celebrations are being put on pause or shifted to digital platforms.

Although there may not be a chance to give in-person gifts, deliveries or digital gifts can help create a sense of normalcy and provide creative opportunities to still share presents with co-workers.

Shopping Local

It is so important to invest in and lend support to the variety of local businesses within your community. Whether making a run to the local coffee shop for their popular coffee beans to small gift shops for mugs, shopping local can help make a positive impact for both your community and your co-worker.

Rather than scrolling through generic websites, you can help improve your local economy and learn more about the people and processes behind your new favorite products.

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Personalized Gifts

From a keychain to a customized mug, it is always fun to make a small token of appreciation for your work friend. Rather than going all out for big-budget items, find some gifts that you know would brighten their day.

Whether it includes an inexpensive planner and pen set or a mug for their desk, these small – and helpful – gifts can be a major contribution towards their workspace. If you do not want to show any “favoritism” with co-workers, getting mass bundles of gifts – like a mug set – gives everyone the same gift without breaking the bank.

Gift Cards

One of the most fail-proof presents to give your co-workers is a gift card to a local restaurant or shop. This contribution towards your community can make both a massive contribution to the shop and for future shoppers.

Consider local cafés, small bookstores and boutique/gift shops for your co-worker. However, it is important to be cautious not to put too much money on the card. Some of your fellow employees may not be comfortable with exchanging such high monetary gifts.

Here are some essential gift items to check out:

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