Staying Ahead of the Curve for the School Year

Staying Ahead of the Curve for the School Year

Back-to-school ads may be running rampant, but there are so many ways to save big and stay ahead of schedule this fall. From required textbooks and binders to accessories and PPE, shopping and saving for this year has never been easier. Our partnership offers deep discounts on the supplies you need to start the semester on the right foot.

A+ Accessories

Besides folders, notebooks and pencils, there are so many other things to pack for the day ahead. From first graders to college students, there are new ways to accessorize and make your trips to class easier.

There are plenty of ways to stay safe and stylish this year – including a new backpack and utensil organizer. Plus, for everyday cleanliness on the go, add a hand sanitizer to your bag.

Score on the accessory items to help organize and stay safe this semester:

Electronics Made Easy

One of the quintessential items for any college student is a reliable laptop or tablet to help with their studies. However, it can be challenging to find a store with devices tailored to your learning needs. Fortunately, our partnership offers deals on name-brand electronics to make your shopping experience even smoother.

(Pro-tip: Don’t forget to pick up a power bank for late-night studying!)

Save big on the essential electronics you’ll need for class:

Back to the Basics

Every student needs to refresh on their supplies before beginning their new year or semester of learning!

From grabbing extra pencils and pens to getting a fresh notebook for your class, there are so many options to help find the items you’ll need custom for your studies.

Your partnership with ODP Business Solutions offers a one-stop shop for all the must-haves on your back-to-school shopping list.

Get extra credit for saving on all the essentials you need and more:

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