Safe Activity Night Ideas

Safe Activity Night Ideas

One of the essentials for any group is making time to spend together. There are many outdoor activities to participate in with members outside the household while being safe. Whether playing outside, trying a fun new recipe, or watching a movie, it is crucial to find time to spend with your loved ones in new, fun and creative ways.

Getting into Nature

With the weather warming up, the time to – safely – go outside is here! Whether or not you go on an outdoor walk with your friends, family or neighbors, it is crucial to be outdoors as often as possible. Spend this quality time in nature by playing a variety of sports games, flying a kite, biking or just enjoying each other’s company. Being outside can provide a plethora of health benefits. Did you know being active outdoors can improve short-term memory, help reduce stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure? Although this may be different than a ‘traditional’ activity night, it is both important for your physical and mental health – plus, it provides some extra fun in the sun!

Whether you are exercising or spending time in the backyard, here are some outdoor essentials you’ll need:

Movie Night

One of the best ways to spend any evening is at the movies. Whether going to your local movie theater, relaxing on the couch, or visiting a drive-in, there is something undeniably magical about a night at the movies. Whether you choose to host a video call and watch a movie together with friends or go to your local theater, there are many options to fit your viewing preference.

Here are some items to stock up on for your movie night:

Cooking Together

Another opportunity to connect with your closest friends and relatives is through cooking. Whether finding a local restaurant, ordering takeout or trying out new recipes, there is no wrong way to indulge. However, with social distancing practices in place, there are plenty of exciting ways to stay connected and treat yourselves. If you want to visit safely in person, create some exciting spring and summer recipes on the grill or dishes from your favorite cooking blog.

If you want to spend time together virtually, there are still ways to stay social without the connection. Swap the recipe you plan on making that evening and Zoom to catch up. Although it may not be the same as in-person, it can help continue to create lasting memories.

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