Three Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

Three Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

An average Valentine’s Day agenda had the essentials – chocolate hearts, a dinner reservation with your partner or best friends, or helping your children with class Valentine parties.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is seen as a time between significant others, but who said you couldn’t spend time with your besties? Galentine’s Day has become an increasingly popular tradition of spending the day before Valentine’s Day with your closest friends. There are plenty of ways to stay connected with the ones you love. For starters, making a cocktail or mocktail of your choosing can help get the digital party started.

Galentine’s Day is so much more than just hanging out with your friends – it is a day of spreading the love and showing just how much you appreciate spending time with one another. However, instead of a fun in-person brunch, try being innovative in how you spend your time virtually. Examples include making matching recipes from home, playing virtual games, or even planning out secret gift exchanges to help create safe and impactful memories from afar.

Valentine’s Day with Kids

Without the pomp and circumstance that usually surrounds an average Valentine’s Day this year, it is important to create some at-home fun for your little ones.  One of the biggest days at school for any student is Valentine’s Day. The candy and card exchanges, in-person activities, and Sweetheart candies are some of the key ingredients for a successful holiday.

  • Pick up or make a meaningful and fun DIY Valentine’s Day card with – their favorite part – some Valentine chocolates and candies.

Date Night – From Home

The candlelight dinners at your favorite restaurants may be traded to a more convenient location this year – your dining room. With the lack of outdoor activities available in the wintertime, there are plenty of ways to share a date night with the one you love. Here are some good alternatives to your typical romantic evening:

  • Going to the movies: Everyone loves a good night out at the movies. However, you can recreate the movie theater experience from the comfort of home. Turn your living room into a blanket fort with pillows and blankets galore. Light some candles, pop some popcorn, order your favorite movie candies and drinks, and enjoy a romantic night in.

  • Eating at your favorite restaurant: Set a reservation for two in your dining room because it is time to have a fun cooking date night. What is more romantic than spending quality time with the one you love? Here are some dish ideas for your date night:

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