Hub-365’s Top Tips for Your Tailgate!

Hub-365’s Top Tips for Your Tailgate!

With the promise of fall coming soon, it also comes with the highly anticipated new season of collegiate and NFL football games. Whether you support from the comfort of your couch or the parking lot before the big game, there is something nostalgic and exciting about tailgating – or celebrating – before attending a massive sporting event.

 It is a time of celebration and bonding with friends and family – but it can be stressful when you are not prepared for a good time. Hub-365 has the top discounts you need to properly prep and celebrate the big day in style!

Make a Tailgating Experience to Remember

One of the essentials before any tailgating event is customizing it to how your group likes to celebrate. 

Rather than being underprepared, stock up on the essentials you need! From plastic cups and drink holders to card games and cornhole, Hub-365 has new ways to save on the essentials you need to make time to remember.

Stock up on the exciting essentials you need for your tailgate:

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 Stay Stylish in Any Weather!

Most outdoor sporting events carry on rain-or-shine, so you should always expect to prepare for whatever Mother Nature has planned. Having a rain poncho or travel blanket in your vehicle is a must-have for whatever the rain (or snow) brings!

However, whatever the whatever, having a folding chair is needed to gather around the vehicle your group is tailgating.

Grab the gear you need for any weather:

Tailgating Recipes

Outside of socializing and preparing for the Big Game – what you are snacking on is just as important. (Maybe even more so!)

So, whether you are packing and prepping to bring snacks for the big day or eating from your home, treat yourself with these top treats! 

Plus, with a healthier taco bar and “jarcuterie,” it is even easier for your guests to tailor their dishes to their liking!

Check out the top tailgating treats from A Healthier Michigan:

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