Tips for Planning Your Fourth of July Bash

Tips for Planning Your Fourth of July Bash

Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses, SPF and sparklers – the Fourth of July is here! With celebrations traditionally spent with loved ones at the beach or cooking over the barbecue, there are plenty of ways to decorate and go all out. From picking out the perfect menu to planning out the best décor, saving big just got easier.

Picking the Best BBQ Dishes

One of the quintessential elements of a standout Fourth of July celebration is a barbecue. From the campground to your backyard, there are plenty of places to make some of your favorite dishes over the grill. Whether making your meal from home or supporting a local restaurant, there are so many ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones over food.

Check out some of the essential elements and offers for your Fourth of July feast:

Making a Splash with Décor

One of the best parts of any celebration is the decoration! However, with the fanfare of the Fourth of July, it can be challenging to find innovative ways to make your party stand out.

With our ODP Business Solutions partnership, you have access to savings on stylish décor pieces for the classic holiday. Rather than sticking to only flags as decoration pieces, find some patriotic items to make your gathering stand out.

Save big on some major party staples:

The Perfect Party Pairings

Outside of stacking your dinner plate and decorating, there are so many activities to partake in at your festivities. After so much time apart, there are some ways to make the gathering even more memorable. Setting up a customized photo station with an instant camera can make for goofy and adorable keepsakes for the future. 

Every good family or friend group enjoys a good competition – so stack up on some of their favorite virtual, card or board games to liven up the evening. Whatever you choose, there are so many ways to bring the ones you love together for a magical holiday.

Here is the perfect kit for some fun party starters:

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