Helping Children Adjust to Virtual Learning

Helping Children Adjust to Virtual Learning

Making the Adjustment for Younger Students

With children across various ages shifting their learning space from the classroom to the living room, it has become a challenging transition to switch up from traditional learning styles. Not only is it crucial to gather the materials needed for a successful learning environment, but it is also important to help listen to how students are adjusting to this change. Several ways to accomplish this for your younger students are by opening a conversation, encouraging journaling, or providing several break times for snacking, going for a walk, reading, or craft activities.

Although students may not be learning in the classroom, it is important to continue a personalized daily school routine. Even though the commute time is cut out, make sure to implement a schedule for waking up and morning prep. By implementing a continued routine in this unprecedented time, it can help provide young students with the adjustment best suited for their new learning environment. Although this may sound like an ideal morning, it is important to cut yourself some slack on not having everything go smoothly every single day. Not only is this at-home learning an adjustment for your child, but it is also an adjustment for you and your personal daily routine.

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Helping Older Students

For teenagers navigating middle and high school, it can be a sudden adjustment to work and learn about more advanced topics from home. How does one manage to stay on top of all these courses without getting too stressed out? For each student, how they manage their time is up to them – there is no clear or correct answer. However, promoting emotional encouragement, self-care, and expectational adjustments, can be a way for we can help students to re-evaluate what works best for them in how they learn and tackle assignments. By listening and having open conversations with your children about what is overwhelming them, students can come up with better solutions for their game plan moving forward.

In addition to this, without there being a social connection to maintain at school, it can feel suddenly so isolating for your child. Therefore, it is important to provide as many opportunities as possible to stay connected – even when apart. Make sure to encourage your teen to engage in virtual conversations with their friends once their schooling and homework are complete. In this new era of social distancing, children and teenagers need to stay as connected as possible with their classmates.

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