Transform Your Space

Transform Your Space

Do your rooms feel a little bland? If so, then it’s time to give your space the much-needed makeover they deserve. Just by adding or upgrading some new décor, appliances and innovative gadgets, you can elevate both your space and mood.

By updating and decluttering your space, it can help reduce anxiety, increase personal energy by knowing where everything is and can help alleviate the unnecessary stressors of not knowing where everything is. 

The Perfect Work Space
Let’s be real – working from home can come with its own unique challenges. With back-to-back home meetings, it can be hard to get much done without being in-person at work. Here are some items you need to help make the work-from-home (WFH) station more custom to your needs:

  • Need a quick caffeine boost? A Keurig coffee machine can help transform your desk into a one-stop coffee shop. 

  • If your office space is getting cluttered super fast, use a mesh organizer to compartmentalize all of the work essentials.

  • Working in the same place can feel suffocating or too routine at times – especially in your home area. Grab a lap desk to bring your work station wherever you need to go!

  • If you’re missing a work desk – purchase an affordable option with the essentials – including desk space, drawers and more!

Staying Active
Did you know – on average – people spend about 15 hours per day sitting down, with eight of those hours at their desks? On a normal day, if you sat at your desk for lunch, that would be nine hours. According to Safco, risks of sitting down all or most of your day cause issues like strained neck, sore back and shoulders, lower back pain, tight hip flexors and poor leg circulation.

So, what can be done? Investing in workout equipment – including exercise bikesyoga matsbands and jump ropes – can help provide quick intervals of energy and healthy activity. These tools help make your space equally healthy for both your brain and body. Elevate your space to fit all of your personal needs.

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